August 23, 2019

Join the Conversation

Are You Ready To Join With American’s of Differing Viewpoints To Talk?

We are starting a conversation among Americans who come from different places, different viewpoints and different ideas to share with each other who they are and why they believe what they believe – all so we each might find out what we have in common.  There will always be differences, but it is our hope that this experiment will help identify those things we share – which might bring each of us a little more understanding and compassion for one another.


  • For now, this conversation will only take place in our Facebook group.  As the group grows, we will scale the conversation as needed.
  • All conversations within this group MUST adhere to and uphold the values of this group which are: 100% Hope for, 100% Respect of, 100% Dignity within and 100% Understanding of each and every person who posts in this group.
  • We encourage differing beliefs and viewpoints amongst participants – but will not condone rude, hateful, divisive or destructive comments about anyone or anything shared.
  • The whole point of this group is to allow a space for conversations to be held where we might find what we each have in common (even as we differ).
  • Any comment or post that does not adhere to these simple guidelines will be deleted immediately and any person who continually breaks these rules will be deleted from the group and blocked.


Once in the Facebook Group – Click on a TOPIC (top right) and start sharing your views.  Remember, the goal is to look for the similarities and NOT the differences (they inherently will be there).  Our goal is to find the common ground we share!